Some final reflection- Leonie

So what´s my impression now that it´s coming to the end of our stay?

Well, definetely a good one:).   A more and more growing community with Anne and Wing, a lot of friendly, welcoming people, the children we are playing with who are just amazing, and of course the beautiful prayers. It´s astonishing how quick they´ve become part of daily life, for me it just feels like the most natural way of structuring a day.  But I also know from my own experience how difficult it can be to keep a prayer routine when I´m on my own. It´s possible and valuable as well, but it just doesn´t happen that naturally.      Community is the key.

What I was hoping for when I joined the small provisional community was to find something like a bridge between the spirit of Taizé which was so easy to to experience when I stayed there last summer for seven weeks, and my daily life where it can be so difficult to keep this spirit. But I didn´t have a concrete idea what this bridge means.

Now I can say that it means to trust in the security of prayer and common life, while I´m facing the struggles of the “real world”.

It means to be very close to the worries of the children in the kindergarden and in Glockenspitzhalle, but also to share their immense joy. In the afternoon, they are used to play with nearly nothing, but to play together, even as they are of different age and origin. And it´s so nice to see how one of them developes who was  quite difficult and agressive from the beginning, but participates more and more. Also in the morning, where they have really a lot of stuff, the chidren still show so much creativity and interaction!

It means to discover the great value of simply being somewhere, to see something good developing like just out of itself. We do not always need a lot of action, a detailed concept, a perfect plan to create something. What is important is to pay attention to the moment.

It also means to see myself very clearly in my own developement, by being taken out of the flowing continuity of “normal” life, so to see what I´ve already learned as well as where I´m still struggling a lot in my life. I´ve been facing intensly some inner conflicts whithout knowing if I can ever solve them, but the same time I somewhat gained better idea of the meaning of God´s mercy and his joy.

So that was a very personal reflection of this experiment…:)

In each case I learned a lot and I´m sooo thankful for the experience!

Thanks a million to everyone who supported us during the project!

written by Leonie


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