Four weeks in Krefeld- Oppum

Without really knowing what we were going to do, we arrived in Krefeld-Oppum, a nice and calm suburb where everything seems to be very well in order, very German, maybe.

But nevertheless we haven´t had much difficulties and simply started taking part in the local life. Also without much organisation or paperwork we began working in the Catholic Montessori kindergarden in the morning and visiting the children of “Glockenspitzhalle”, a nearby gym transferred into a refugees´ home, to play with them in the afternoon.

Our day is mainly structured by the three prayers we prepare ourselves. From the beginning on we were happy to welcome a few other people to join them.

Apart from that structure we also participate actively both in the normal life of our hosts, Susanne und Michael, who very openmindedly welcomed us in their house, and in the local parish, joining for example the weekly refugee´s café or the public viewing of the European football Championship.

Yes, often people do not really understand what exactly we are doing here and are quite surprised – but in a very positive way. And we can show how easy it can be to light up real joy in childrens´ eyes by simply being with them – playing , drawing and talking to them, even without a common language.



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